The 16th International Symposium on Chromaffin Cell Biology

时间: 2011/7/11 至 2011/7/15
地点:Beijing Xihua Commercial Hotel
主办单位: 中国生物物理学会、国际嗜铬细胞学会和北京大学
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Welcome to the 16th “International Symposium on Chromaffin Cell Biology” (ISCCB16).  In 1982 a group of 100 researchers from all over the world decided to meet for a week on the Spanish island of Ibiza to discuss the chemical, physiological, pharmacological, and clinical aspects of chromaffin cell biology. The meeting was an outstanding success, so the researchers decided to repeat it biennially at different venues. The ISCCB’s goals are to promote high quality neuroscience research using chromaffin cells as a biological model, to exchange ideas, to promote collaboration between laboratories with complementary methodologies, to foster scientific strategies, and to bring together senior and junior neuroscientists.

An international advisory committee composed of experts on exocytosis/endocytosis, ion channels, Ca2+ signaling, neurotransmitter synthesis/storage, and methodologies provides guidance to the organization, largely in the form of scientific themes for the symposium. The ISCCB meeting in Beijing will cover major themes including, exocytosis/endocytosis, ion channels, Ca2+ signaling, neurotransmitter synthesis/storage, secretion-disease, and methodologies/techniques used to study secretion. This promises to be a very exciting meeting with excellent opportunities to interact with well-known investigators across diverse areas of chromaffin cell study. 

We hereby invite you to participate in the symposium, and are looking forward to welcoming you to Beijing!

The total ISCCB’s attendance is approximately 140-180 scientists from Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Australia. Usually, more than 60% of the participants are young scientists and, for the first time, the ISCCB will be held in China in 2011.

Zhuan Zhou, professor,
Institute of Molecular Medicine,
Peking University;

Lung-sen Kao, professor,
Department of Life Sciences,
National Yang-Ming University.


Scientific Program Committee

International Advisory Board:

Youssef Anouar  France 
Antonio G. García   Spain 
Uri Ashery   Israel 
Ricardo Borges     Spain 
Emilio Carbone    Italy 
Ana M. Cárdenas   Chile 
Hans-Herman Gerdes   Norway 
Manfred Gratzl     Germany 
Arturo Hernandez-Cruz    Mexico 
Lung-Sen Kao      Taipei 
Konosuke Kumakura   Japan 
Frederic Meunier  Australia 
Sushil Mahata       USA 
Angelo Corti      Italy 
Harvey Pollard   USA 
Guida M. Portella-Gomes     Portugal 
Liz Seward     UK 
Dona Lee Wong   USA 
Zhuan Zhou       Beijing
Nicolas Vitale France
Fernando Marengo Argentina

Local Organization Committee

Zhuan Zhou  Peking University
Lung-Sen Kao National Yang-Min University


Liang-Yi Chen Peking University
Jiu-Ping Ding  Huanzhong University of Science and Technology
Hongping Huang  Wannan Medical College
Liecheng Wang  Anhui Medical University
Zhengxing Wu Huanzhong University of Science and Technology
Tao Xu CAS Institute of Biophysics
Chen Zhang Peking University
Claire Xi Zhang  Peking University
Shunyi Wei  Biophysical Society of China
Yue Wang  Biophysical Society of China
Wenli Xu  Biophysical Society of China
Lianghong Zheng  Peking University


Registrations should be accompanied by the appropriate payment, which must be in US Dollar and payable to CICCST by the following ways:

A. Payment in Advance

1. Credit Card:
Only MasterCard, Visa, and American Express will be accepted. It will be billed in Chinese RMB. Consequently, the amount charged to your account may vary due to the fluctuation in exchange rates.

Note: 3% of the bank charges will be borne by the participant.

2. Bank transfer:

  • Beneficiary: CICCST
  • Beneficiary Bank: Bank of China, Head Office
  • Account No.: 00038018091014
  • Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ
  • Address: 1 Fuxingmen Nei Dajie, Beijing 100818, China Please do write "ISCCB" and the participant''s name in the place of "Message".

* All bank charges will be borne by the participant.

B. Payment On-site

Cash and credit cards (Master, Visa, and American Express) are acceptable.

Refund Policy

Any cancellations must be received in written request to the General Assembly Office. The refund policy is given below:


Before June 3, 2011

On/After June 3, 2011

Regular / Student Registration Fee

Deduct RMB355 (US$50)

No Refund

Hotel Deposit / Fee

One night Deposit

No Refund

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